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Uncategorized What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?


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A real estate agent works on both the buy-side and sell-side of commercial or

residential real estate transactions. In general, they spend their days cultivating

leads, meeting prospective clients and helping buyers and sellers navigate the

complicated buying or selling process. Many agents work independently or as part of

a brokerage, which is a group of real estate agents who share resources and

information with each other and their clients. Real estate agents must understand

the complexities of real estate law, contracts, disclosures and other industry-specific



Meeting with prospective clients often takes up a large portion of a real estate

agent’s day, as most people rent or buy property at some point in their lives. This

can mean meeting with new contacts and distributing business cards, as well as

following up with previous clients through phone calls, emails or regular mail to keep

their name fresh in the minds of potential buyers and sellers. For more info https://www.whiteacreproperties.com/sell-my-house-fast-in-amesbury-massachusetts/


When working with sellers, a real estate agent will help them establish an asking

price for their property by researching local market activity and comparable

properties. Then they will create and distribute a listing for the property with

relevant listing services and advertise it through online platforms, social media,

word-of-mouth and other means.

For buyers, a real estate agent can guide them through the home-buying process by

helping them get preapproved for a mortgage and finding homes that meet their

criteria, such as a certain neighborhood, a specific school district or access to public

transportation. They may also help a buyer with the negotiation process by

communicating offers and counteroffers with the seller’s agent and advising on

inspections, closing dates and other transaction details.


Both sides of a real estate deal can experience unexpected hiccups, and a good

agent is able to diffuse situations as they arise. They are also a resource for their

clients, providing them with information on home-buying or selling trends,

community amenities and other factors that might influence their decision.

Real estate agents are responsible for preparing and filing paperwork during the

transaction, including drafting contracts and reviewing the legal and financial

documents provided by the seller or buyer. They also handle the escrow process by

managing funds, recording transfers and conveying communications with lenders,

title companies and other parties involved in the transaction.


Most real estate agents specialize as either a buyer’s agent or seller’s agent, though

some choose to be transaction brokers or dual agents, representing both parties in a

sale. Regardless of which side they are on, a real estate agent must disclose their

loyalty to their client in order to avoid any conflicts of interest. The final duty of a

real estate agent is to conduct a walkthrough with the buyers at the property prior

to closing to ensure that there are no issues with the condition of the property or its

systems. If there are any problems, the agent will negotiate and settle them with the

appropriate party.

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